What is HUMXN?

(Pronounced human)

HUMXN merges AI-driven storytelling and blockchain-enabled digital ownership, allowing users to craft unique avatars that go beyond appearances to include personalities, behaviors, and memories within an interactive narrative.

How does it work?

Owning a HUMXN unlocks access to an interactive universe where you’re not just customizing looks but actively shaping your character's journey. With no need for high-spec hardware, users guide their HUMXN through an evolving story, directly influencing their actions and growth.

Digital Assets

Our marketplace offers a wide array of digital assets, from fashion to immersive environments, all impacting your HUMXN's narrative. Collaborations with artists and designers enrich this universe, providing dynamic tools for story enrichment.


Designed for simplicity and creativity, the HUMXN interface enables users to fine-tune their character's appearance and personality traits, including memories and behaviors. It’s an intuitive platform for users to capture and share their HUMXN’s experiences, fostering a collaborative storytelling environment.

Latest News & Announcements

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Core Team

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